Disco Elysium is being translated and localized into new languages, hot and fresh off the tongue. Even better: it’s being done by you — our wonderful community.

We’re working with hand-picked teams of dedicated fans to ensure they have everything they need to get you the game and its million words in your language. It’s properly happening. In full and with flair. Nothing can stop The Great Internationale.

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We can’t thank you all enough for the love and support you’ve shown so far. Nothing keeps us going more than your kind words and fabulous artworks. Bringing Disco Elysium to new languages is just the start of how we hope to keep giving back as much as we receive.


  • What's going on here?

    This website has two main purposes.

    The first is to give you an overview of how translations of Disco Elysium into other languages are progressing. The percentages provided for each translation are estimates of how close to completion they are.

    The second is to give you the chance to vote on which languages you’d like Disco Elysium translated into. With the results, we can make decisions about which languages to focus on translating the game into next.

  • Who's handling these translations of Disco Elysium?

    You, our brilliant fans, along with our help! We’re giving the teams the resources and other forms of support they need to make these the best translations they can for each language.

  • Who should I contact if I want to help out?

    You can contact us via
    Please note that some of the teams are already full. If you’re offering to help out, please tell us of any relevant experience you have and give us an idea of how you think you would best serve the team.

  • Can I request a translation of Disco Elysium into a language that's not listed here?

    Sure! Please see the poll at the end of the page to vote for the current ones or add a new one.


Vote for the next language here! If you dont see your preferred language here, please feel free to get in contact with us.